About Us

Surrey Landscape and Design is a full service contemporary, design, build, maintain – landscaping company serving Surrey and the surrounding areas.

For over a decade we have been innovating and building luxury landscapes

Our unique approach appreciates tradition, while mixing in modern and contemporary designs and builds. We strive to be the best in the industry, combining value, quality, integrity, and unmatched customer service. We are innovators and pushing the whole landscape industry forward.

Unmatched quality

Residential and commercial

Strata/commercial maintenance

Customer service first

Serving Surrey & surrounding areas

We embrace professionalism at all levels, devoting meticulous attention to details and putting service first as we deliver unmatched results on projects of all sizes.

No dream is too small or big. Turn yours into reality today.

Our Purpose

To improve the lifestyles of the people we serve by creating beautiful outdoor spaces they can’t wait to spend time in. We’re not just creating landscapes, we’re building spaces that elevate the human experience – one project at a time.

Our Vision

We see a future where outdoor living spaces are as important to society as indoor places – fully integrated into the lifestyles of home owners, businesses and public areas.

Our Mission

We consistently over-deliver on service, reliability and integrity, with visionary design and unmatched craftsmanship.

We believe that beautiful outdoor spaces not only serve to raise the value of homes and businesses, they also contribute to vibrant communities and healthier, happier people.

Rise to the occasion no matter the challenge

Some people find excuses to quit when challenges arise – we find solutions. We go above and beyond to deliver on our promises, rise to the occasion, and get the job done. The spirit of our team lives in the extra mile.

If you say you’re going to do it – do it!

Our words and actions reflect the truth. We deal in honest and impeccable terms and don’t waste time sugar-coating reality or making unfounded promises. We are reliable, dependable, and focused on real actions that fulfill or exceed our commitments.

Collaboration over competition

We embrace a mindset of collaboration with vendors and clients. We disrupt the industry by putting positive pressure on our competitors to improve their own standards and join us in raising the bar on the landscape industry overall – a rising tide raises all ships.

Own it!

Call it enthusiasm, integrity, or inner fire – we’re driven by passion and purpose to produce extraordinary results. We are a high-performance culture, which means we push ourselves to achieve success. By embracing accountability at all levels, we shoulder the burden of carrying the load and caring deeply about the outcome of every project, relationship and task.

Better people, better places, and better world

We genuinely prioritize the well-being of our clients, vendors, partners and employees. At the end of the day our biggest objective is to vastly improve the lives of everyone the company touches and the communities they live in. This is our Vision, Mission and Purpose. It always starts with culture, taking care of people, and a mindset of abundance.

Let’s Build Your Dream Yard Together

Fill out our form for a free estimate for your residential or commercial Surrey Landscape Design and Build. We value service and transparency and will help you design and build your perfect oasis.  We want you to be happy and comfortable every step of the way and will ensure premium service from start to finish.

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